Clickbait Formula


Clickbait can be found in images, headlines, titles and content but most follow the same formula.

[number] + [adjective] + [noun] + [promise]  “X Things Every Y Should Z”

Pair a sensational headline with an enticing idea, add a cliffhanger statement, and a psycholocially alluring image, then tie it to content that is already being consumed by your target audiance.

THEN you’ll have a winning solution for companies seeking to monetize websites in any niche.


Why does clickbait use numbers?

"x things every y should z" format is easy and it works!
Example: 5 things every woman should know about men
The idea is to catch and keep the users' attention. One of the most common ways to achieve this, is by making a "numbered" list of something the user might want to read/see.

Why does clickbait use adjectives?

Clickbait uses adjectives like Amazing, Shocking, or Unbelievable in headlines to entice the users curiosity so they'll click on the link.
Examples: The Amazing Truth About _______ The Shocking Story About _____ 10 Unbelievable Facts About _______

What are some nouns in clickbait?

Examples of Nouns in Clicbait: "Man" Tries To Hug Wild "Lion" You Won't Believe What Happens Next! This "Sheep" Did One Thing That Most "People" Will Never Be Able To Do

What are some examples of promises in clickbait?

Clickbait uses 'promises' to engage your curiostity and get you to click on the headline: Do 'x' And You'll Never 'y' again. Find 'x' And Your 'y' Will Be "z'd"
Examples: Watch This Short Video To Learn How To Lose Weight Fast, Without Giving Up Any Of Your Favorite Foods.
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