Viral Marketing Mistakes To Avoid



Viral Marketing is definitely a great tool to utilize for marketing your business, but if you commit these mistakes you’ll be doing more harm than good. Here’s what to avoid

1) Not creating an incentive for users to pass it along – make the content itself good/funny – Jokes are a good bet.

2) Failing to capitalise on a campaign that proves successful. If your campaign starts to take off, ask yourself whether you can get any further publicity, monetize the incoming traffic or get more leads.

3) Copying a viral campaign that does not suit your business. By doing so you will mess up the message you want to give your customers.

4) Not combining your viral efforts with other marketing methods. You shouldn’t put all your eggs into one basket – It’s suicide for your business.

5) Not integrating SEO with your viral campaign. There is a synergistic effect of SEO and keywords with your viral efforts so don’t overlook it!

6) Not making your stuff easy to share. Always give ample sharing tools for your followers to make things viral

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